Electronic Design

Bajtech does customized design and product development for your unique needs. The specialized products we make range from anything between CNC control systems for industrial machinery through to power regulator and clock timing alarm circuitry.

Our electronic design services include:

  • Electrical component analysis and integration
  • Micro-processer firmware development
  • Turnkey circuit board design
  • Electronic engineering
  • PCB and schematic design
  • Component sourcing
  • Project management
  • Manufacturing of small to medium runs of electronic boards; and
  • Communications, data logging and control systems
Circuit Board

Software Development

Bajtech will also implement the software development required for your project. Bajtech can create the software solutions you’ve been dreaming of by developing small to medium sized programs including:

  • Database systems
  • Web based or desktop applications to interface to your electronic designs
  • Plugin based, extendable programs; and
  • User interfaces such as input forms or controls for hardware

All of our software is developed in compliance with Object Oriented principles and proven design patterns, while our expertise covers C/C++, Java, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP and MySQL. If you’re problem is more complex, we also deliver full turn-key development of compatible hardware and software. When we develop software for you, we’ll provide full user and technical documentation, and source code upon completion (and as requested throughout development).

Programming/Software Development 

Electrical Design

Bajtech focuses on the design of customized automation and control systems, which includes designing and implementing electrical systems to your specific requirements. Bajtech is also experienced in electrical drafting, and can perform the following services:

  • Electrical Engineering Design
  • Electrical Drafting services
  • Electrical Functional Descriptions
  • Examine existing machinery to produce electrical drawings of that machine
  • Explain equipment functionality in lay terms
  • Explain methods for updating designs
  • Update pre-existing drawings to portray any modifications to existing machinery that you may require
Electrical Drafting

Electrical/electronic repairs and maintenance

When electrical devices breakdown it is typically only one component which needs repairing, and with the rapid development of technology it is often hard to source these damaged circuit boards and electronic parts. This regularly causes delays which can be detrimental to industry productivity and performance. At Bajtech we understand how vital it is to have your equipment functioning, and we can quickly come to your site to localize the problem, source the parts, and repair any issues. This process can also save you money. In most cases the repair of the electronics is only a fraction of the cost of purchasing replacement parts or devices.

Bajtech can repair and maintain all commercial electrical devices such as:

  • Washing machines
  • Automated welders
  • Crane control systems
Electrical/Electronic Repairs 

CNC repairs and maintenance

Bajtech specializes in the repair and maintenance of CNC machinery. Our Engineers have been designing, testing, and manufacturing CNC machines for five years, and have a broad knowledge of the electrical and control systems involved. We combine expert knowledge, innovation, and ingenuity to quickly diagnose and repair any issues.

  • Types of CNC machines Bajtech has fixed:
  • Plasma/Oxy Profile cutters
  • Cabinet Maker: CNC Routers
  • 6 Axis CNC Lathes
  • CNC Rod Handlers
  • CNC Control System Retrofits
CNC Repairs and Maintenence